Young Players Code of Conduct

The Nemo Rangers code of conduct for under-age is based on the national GAA code of behaviour for underage 2016 and is available (in full) for review at Success in any sport requires loyalty, respect and discipline, at Nemo Rangers we encourage these attributes in a positive fashion as stated in the GAA code of behaviour for underage ‘Our games, Our code’.

Young players can benefit greatly from sports in terms of personal development and enjoyment.  Our players are encouraged to realise that as a result of their participation in our Gaelic Games that they also have a responsibility to treat other players and officials with fairness and respect. With rights there will always be responsibilities.

Young Players, and those who work with them in our Associations are required to ‘sign up’ and abide by this Code of Behaviour.


  • Be safe and feel safe.
  • Have fun and experience a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment.
  • Be treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity.
  • Comment and make suggestions in a constructive manner.
  • Be afforded appropriate confidentiality.
  • Participate in games and competitions at levels with which they feel comfortable.
  • Make their concerns known and have them dealt with in an appropriate manner.
  • Be protected from abuse.
  • Be listened to.
  • Know that it is acceptable to talk to the Club Children’s Officer with any concerns or question’s they may have.
  • Tell somebody else if they or others have been harmed in any way.


  • Play fairly, do their best and enjoy themselves.
  • Respect fellow team members regardless of ability, cultural or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.
  • Support fellow team members regardless of whether they do well or not.
  • Represent their team, their Club and their family with pride and dignity.
  • Show Loyalty and respect to players and selectors of Nemo Rangers Hurling & Football club
  • Accept the discipline of sport and accept selectors and referees decisions.
  • Know that posting of disrespectful /abusive comments/inappropriate images of/by players/mentors/parents on social media is unacceptable
  • Know that racial or verbal abuse of a team mate or opposition player/ referee / selectors  is not acceptable and is punishable by suspension
  • Attend punctually at the time and place notified
  • Attend all games and training sessions for which they have been notified. Excuses for non-attendance will be accepted provided:
    • That the excuse is valid and
    • That the excuse is given to the selectors in good time prior to the event.
    • It is a matter of courtesy that parents reply to match notifications sent by the respective coaches. It also allows for the smooth organisation of team affairs.
  • Know that consistent disruptive behaviour that could have a negative impact on the squad during training sessions/matches is unacceptable.
  • Know that the Club can be fined for players/mentors urinating in Public at matches, these fines are passed on to the respective individuals for payment (normally €100)
  • Know that the club demands respect for selectors and club property, also proper conduct on the premises itself is expected as well as conduct when entering and leaving the club. This also applies to hosting clubs property on away matches.
  • Be conscious of the cost of replacing club gear, equipment and property removed from the club.  Assistance should be given to selectors after games and training sessions to gather up gear.
  • Please Note: Club colours must be worn for all matches (Green Socks and White Club Nicks (Green Skirts, for Camogie)
  • Know that teams play to numbers where possible.
  • Respect all Coaches, Officials, Parents and their opponents.
  • Be gracious in defeat and modest in victory.
  • Shake hands before and after a game as part of the Give Respect Get Respect initiative, irrespective of the result.


  • Initially should be discussed by Selectors and appropriate action taken.
  • Repeat / serious breaches will be discussed with the Underage Committee and appropriate action will be decided.
  • Damage to club property including the Building and/or its contents, fixtures & fittings, safety equipment will be deemed as a serious offence and could result in club suspension as well as liability to right any damage caused by payment in monetary terms to the value of the cost of repairs. Suspensions in this regard can be dealt with by the management committee of the Club.
  • Breaches of the attendance at games / training will be penalised as followed:
  1. First offence - notified for next game but will not be started.
  2. Second offence - will be notified as usual but will not be played.
  3. Subsequent Offences will be dealt with at Under-Age Committee level.
  4. Should a player furnish an acceptable excuse after the game, the Under-Age Secretary or Chairman can lift the suspension or other penalty.
  • Each suspension begins on the day of the meeting following the offence.
  • Players are also asked to note that any grievances that they may have concerning any item, should be brought to the attention of the Under-Age Committee through the Under-Age Secretary or Chairman


  • Parents/guardians can play an important role in complementing the work of the coaches,
  • Parents should note though that The Club is held responsible for Parents Conduct, (verbal as well as actions) at matches.
  • Being registered on time every year to help assist the club in planning for the new season
  • Informing coaches of any change in contact details / Medical conditions from those on the annual Registration Form
  • Making sure children are correctly attired, ie have the necessary playing gear etc for all training sessions and matches and no earrings / jewellery etc..
  • Being punctual for training sessions and matches
  • Contacting coaches if not attending training sessions or matches
  • Discussing your child's medical conditions and also medical procedures in the case of emergency (asthma attack, allergy etc.)
  • Attending games and assisting in organising club activities
  • Respecting players, mentors, officials and the rules of the game
  • Parents should not enter the playing area of the pitch unless invited to do so by either the team mentors or the referee
  • Parents should encourage the team at all times and refrain from any form of criticism.
  • Encouraging their children to practice their skills, to attend coaching sessions, to play by the rules, to make friends, to give of their best and to accept winning and losing in the true spirit of sportsmanship
  • Refraining from exerting undue pressure on the children
  • Refrain from asking ‘how much did you lose by’. It is more important that you are positive about your child’s team for each upcoming match.

Any issues/concerns of parents can be brought to the attention of the Clubs Children’s Officer and / or the Underage Committee Chairman